Interviews with Linda

Linda has been a guest on many podcasts. Below are some of her appearances so you can learn more about her and her work.

Podcast Interviews

Brainwave Podcast with Gail Hulnick

In this episode, Gail talks with visual artist/author Linda Riesenberg Fisher about the way she is inspired by nature, about the challenges new artists face in marketing their work, and about the vision she and co-founder John Anderson have for the Artistic Harmonies Association.

Linda’s website is

Artistic Harmonies Association can be found at

Click here to listen

Writers & Authors On Fire

Show Description:

Linda Fisler is an author, painter, mentor, instructor, podcaster with a lot of life to balance. She’s a creative. She’s written several art books including two compiled from her podcasts. She has her “Blind” series with three books and more coming. Because Linda is an artist, she designs her own covers. We talk about writing in general, the finer points of boxed sets, her writing process, working through the “awful,” and much more.

Radio Espial

Show Description:

Indie author and visual artist, Linda Riesenberg Fisler, joined us for our latest episode to discuss publishing, self-publishing, media and politics.
Linda’s interview with Mick Rooney, investigative reporter, who directs, produces and hosts his podcast, Radio Espial, from the Netherlands.

Podcasting Real Life

Show Description:

Travis Albritton, host of Podcasting in Real Life interviewed Linda a few weeks back. Here’s the interview for your enjoyment!

The Book Nymph

Show Description:

The Book Nymph, Kenya Nycole Cooper, interviews Linda Riesenberg Fisler about her award winning debut novel, Blind Influence

Free Reverie Podcast Interview

Show Description:

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an artist? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer? Have you ever dreamed of having your own podcast?! It is good to dream but it is better to make those goals come true and be happy. Do what Linda does!! She is an amazing woman with many talents. Most would dream of just one thing but she has many dreams and have made them her reality. Linda is an inspiration to us all! We could all learn a lot from her. In this episode, we discuss a lot so make sure to tune in and as always, enjoy!

Back Porch Podcast

Business Mic-Ugandan Podcast

Show Description:

Linda is an award-winning author/artist. In 2010, Linda founded a company, Artist Mentors Online, LLC. This company provided business and art skills mentoring via the Internet to artists around the world. Linda took part in the 2011 AMO Pro*D*J yearlong study program which resulted in some wonderful influence and remarkable progress in her work. In this episode, we discuss various topics on writing and creativity including how to self publish a book as well as the creativity parallels between writing and painting.

The Law of Business Interview

Show Descripiton:

Jamil Jama, host of the London based podcast The Law of Business, interviewed Linda. The conversation centers around her writing, self-publishing and managing your time.

Linda is available for interviews. Just-

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