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Nicole’s eyes begin to open, seeing the flaws in the man she thought she knew and loved. After witnessing a betrayal, she questions Sean, who evades answering for his actions. Nicole flees to Paris and then home to Washington, DC. Will she find the peace she seeks? Will she confront the demons that haunted her after all that has happened to her?

Sean plunges into depression as his demons awake again. During this time, he discovers a startling betrayal by someone close to his family. The discovery will only drive Sean down a rabbit hole. Can Sean pull it together in time, or will he continue to sink further into darkness?

Jenkins is the President of the United States. However, this goal he attained seems empty, even though his life has been dedicated to the service of his country. Unexpectantly, the very things he longs for are within his reach. What will he do, and will he make his wildest dreams come true?

Hello all my Blind Series fans!

I know you all have been waiting for book five–a long while for some of you. I appreciate your patience. So, let’s get caught up. In Cloaked, you may recall that Nicole caught Sean in an embrace with the Sarah Look-Alike Katrina. Ultimately, Nicole questions Katrina, and after hearing enough to make her doubt Sean (and dealing with the flashbacks Sean was experiencing during this time), Nicole has the security guards dump Katrina outside the US Embassy gates. Katrina is killed instantly.

Meanwhile, Sean continues thinking all is fine in his paradise, only to discover he couldn’t be more wrong. In the final chapter of Cloaked, the Egyptian President is assassinated, and Maggie is captured by terrorists who were hunting Kent, but Kent escapes. There are so many things that come back to haunt Sean, from Leznikov to Katrina and beyond.

Jenkins has his handful dealing with the mess he was left with after the assassination of Andrews. The country is divided, and his administration has been operating more in reactive mode. In this book, Jenkins wants to become more proactive. He has some great ideas, but events will cause him to rethink his administration’s policies.

So, Dagger picks up where Cloaked left off–get it–Cloak and Dagger? If there weren’t enough fireworks for you all in Cloaked, wait until you enter the twists and turns of Dagger!

On a final note, as will all things nowadays, inflation has hit the self-publishing market too. Amazon KDP is raising their rates for publishing with them. Sorry for the dramatic increase, but know that Dagger is over 500 pages, which put us in a different cost bracket as well. A lot of time researching and working on plot twists has also taken a lot of time. I hope you’ll enjoy Dagger and understand the increase in price. It was necessary just to make the few dollars per book I made with the other four books.

Is anyone interested in a Virtual Book Launch Party?

We’ll schedule this for July at 7:00 PM Eastern via Zoom. I want to give you time to read Dagger, so we can talk about all five books and what’s next! Register for the virtual book party HERE

Thank you for your interest and patience! I hope you enjoy Dagger and spread the word with family and friends! Cheers, Linda

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