Blind Series Novels

Blind Influence, Blind Persuasion, Blind Alliance, & Cloaked

Here’s what some readers had to say about the #BlindSeries!

  • Interwoven plots of international intrigue propel the story line. Through all the twists and turns, the author uses solid dialogue and three-dimensional characters to keep the pages turning! There is a visual experience in the words that demonstrate her other talents. Linda is equal parts writer and artist – a rare combination that brings her story to life!
  • Suspenseful, moving. Kept my attention. Did not want to put the book down. Intertwined characters & anxious to know how their relationships change in book 3. Author did great research to provide authenticity.
  • Our book club ordered everyone an autographed copy directly from the author. We had read the first two books in the series, and loved meeting Linda at a book signing event. So once they arrived, we moved the selection to the current month’s gathering. We couldn’t wait to talk about the third book in the “Blind” series! The first question asked was “When is the next one coming out?!” Blind Alliance”continues the intrigue, character development, and plot twists so artfully crafted by this author. This series does an excellent job of capturing the undercurrents, intrigue, and power broker maneuverings of political life.
  • Took me only 2 days of intermittent reading to read Cloaked-shows how amazing and intense the drama and suspense were. Absolutely did not want to put it down. Love the characters and the complexity of their relationships-constantly guessing from page to page as to what might happen next…ready for the next book in the series to see WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN. Great job, author Linda!!!

If you’d like to purchase one of her novels, not signed, they are available on Amazon. If you would like a personally autographed copy, please contact us!

Blind Influence ebook, paperback and audio book

Blind Influence Book Trailer
Read by Gabrielle de Cuir and Stefan Rudnicki of Skyboat Media

Successful, sexy attorney Nicole Charbonneau feels content with her life and career as a star at a powerful law firm in Washington, DC. She is blind, however, to the circumstances that will put her at the center of a web of deceit, murder, power plays and conspiracies. Across the ocean, British MI-6 Agent Sean Adkins is tracking a cold-blooded assassin known as the Serpent, who’s been hired to kill President Andrews. The Serpent cares only for the millions he’ll get, not why the powerful group of men wants Andrews killed. The Serpent, a master of disguise, completes his job, but will it be his last? Sean will stop at nothing to get revenge, which includes setting a trap. Nicole, through her work and her connection with Robert Jenkins, a powerful young senator who happens to head the Intelligence Committee, pieces together who hired the assassin. Will the senator reveal to the public all he knows, or will revealing the identities of the powerful businessmen, politicians and government officials be too much for a country already in a fragile state? Blind Influence, set in 1979 when the United States was on the brink of its second oil crisis, takes readers on a wild ride of political intrigue and personal discovery.

Blind Persuasion ebook or paperback

Book Two

Sassy, sexy Nicole Charbonneau is torn between two men and is blind to the dirty little secret kept by some of the most powerful men in Washington. Seeking a peaceful restoration of her world after the death of her best friend and being used as bait in a trap to capture an international assassin, Nicole is adjusting to her new life. Although she wonders what has become of British Agent Sean Adkins, she finds comfort and strength from the compassionate and powerful Senator Robert Jenkins. After a few months isolation to deal with his demons, Sean has returned to England with hopes that his past is behind him. He begins a long and dreadful process of debriefing all he knows about the Serpent, only to discover that the Serpent’s identity has been assumed by someone else. Senator Robert Jenkins feels like he is on top of the world. With the stunning Nicole by his side, he decides to run for president. As one of the powerful men harboring not one but two dirty little secrets, he is haunted by the power the secrets could afford him. However, Jenkins’s presidential run sets off a chain reaction that engulfs the Jenkins, Sean, and Nicole. Nicole’s demand for justice places her life in danger. Will the dirty little secrets be exposed in time for the election? Will Jenkins be able to satisfy Nicole’s demand for justice? Will Sean and Nicole live to expose the secrets and identify the conspirators? Set in 1980, the roller coaster ride of Blind Persuasion is the second novel in the Blind Series, following the three time award winning debut novel, Blind Influence.

Blind Alliance ebook or paperback:

Book Three

After revealing the conspiracy concerning President Andrews’s assassination, Nicole is recovering from the attempt on her life. Sean, who vows never to leave her side, anxiously waits for information to determine who tried to kill Nicole. Both are convinced that it was Kent, who assumed the Serpent’s identity, but another MI6 agent provides conflicting information. Cut off from MI6 and intelligence briefings, Nicole and Sean retreat to the Scottish Highlands for protection. Who else wants Nicole killed? Will hiding out in Inverness keep them safe? Senator Jenkins is running for president. Now that the Sipes confession tape is public thanks to Nicole; Jenkins must launch a Senate investigation committee triggering the impeachment process and catapulting his opposing candidate’s party into chaos. Jenkins’s past comes back to haunt him, causing him to make a surprise announcement that could ruin him. Can Jenkins neutralize those manipulating him? Will his past ruin his chances to become president? Are the American people capable of forgiving his transgressions? Blind Alliance, the third book in the Blind Series and set in 1980, provides a captivating tale of three people seeking justice amid the powerful and deceitful bureaucrats.

Cloaked ebook or paperback

Cloaked book trailer
read by Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Moscow, USSR, December 1980- Ambassador Sean Adkins, an undercover MI6 agent and his partner, Nicole Charbonneau, are hopeful Sean’s posting at the United Kingdom’s embassy will provide safety from the Serpent, an assassin who wants them both dead. While attending Soviet President Leonid Baranov’s New Year’s Eve party, Nicole’s old nemesis, Ambassador Larry Barker confronts her, displaying the hate he harbors for her. Also attending the party is KGB agent Colonel Dmitry Leznikov, who recognizes Sean. The history between Sean and Leznikov, who is a close friend of the Soviet president, gives Sean concern about keeping his cover intact and operating out of the embassy. A trolling mission over the Barents Sea results in the crash of a US Air Force jet in the Soviet Union stranding its two pilots and exposing the top secret mission. President Robert Jenkins realizes he has a compromised embassy in the Soviet Union, and Ambassador Barker would rather commit treason than help him. Jenkins is forced to call upon his old friends and allies, Sean and Nicole to rescue the pilots. Leznikov, who is in charge of a highly classified project within the Kremlin, discovers the true objective of his work. Leznikov opposes what his country is planning to accomplish and approaches Sean with a proposition that involves keeping Sean’s true identity hidden, providing safe passage home for the US pilots, and could supply Jenkins with a way to end the Cold War without firing a shot. Cloaked, book four of the Blind Series is a suspenseful journey with intricately woven plots which keeps the reader turning page after page

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