Virtual Winter Mentor Program!

You read that correctly! Linda is starting a weekly virtual Winter Mentor Program!

Here is what she will be covering in her eight-week course.

  • Lessons:
    • Why Horizon Line and Vanishing Point Are So Important!
    • Color Mixing–Why Can’t I Get the Color I Want?
    • Color Harmony and Color Theory–So Much to Know-Help Me!
    • Incorporating Texture and Contrast to Delight the Eye
    • Let’s Not Get to Edgy!
    • Setting the Mood by Investigating Emotion
    • Keys to Creating Great Paintings (Composition, Drawing, Atmosphere, and More!)

For $20 a week, you’ll study with Linda via a virtual classroom. On Monday, before the class, you will receive a lesson plan in your inbox. You will be asked to review the plan and develop questions for Linda to answer during the class. The class will be every Thursday, starting on January 5, 2023 from 1:00-3:00 pm Eastern. The last class will be on February 23, 2023.

The virtual class will be held via Zoom and will last two hours. Linda will send the link to the virtual class along with the lesson plan. Zoom also has a phone app that you can download and use. The virtual class will start with reviewing the lesson plan, a demonstration, and then everyone paints what they want, sharing their work via zoom. Linda will review your work (you may send photos of your work before class if you choose) and share any suggestions. You are encouraged to ask questions always.

The cost of the eight-week session is $400 per student. It does not include materials or subject matter for your painting. You paint what you want!

Bonus!–If you sign up before December 15th, you will be invited to join Linda at the Chat, Create, and Cocktail event on January 18th hosted by the Artistic Harmonies Association. Linda and Annie Strack (watercolor artist) are busy planning fun demos, discussions, and even specialty mocktails/cocktails for the event.

There is a limit of eight students for the Winter Mentor Program to insure you get the attention you want each week.

Select the button below to sign up for the 8-week mentoring program now. Study with Linda in your slippers! Get the attention you are looking for from a master artist!

When you select the Sign-Up button, you will be taken to Paypal. Any questions, don’t hesitate send an email to lfisler[at]lindafisler[dot]com

PS: As an added bonus, I’ll be recording this and will post it to a private video channel that you will have access to as well.  So if you miss a class, you can watch it anytime and as often as you want! 

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