Hear My Latest Interview!

The Brainwave podcast interview, conducted by Gail Hulnick, is now available!!

It was a fun time talking with Gail and covering so many topics. We discussed one of my latest paintings, a waterfall I created from memories of hiking to various waterfalls in and around Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We also discussed creativity and my new adventure, the Artistic Harmonies Association!

Gail is a former PBS host and author of travel crime series books. In fact, Gail has several books available, and I encourage you to check them out by clicking here. Gail is also an Honorary Member of the Artistic Harmonies Association.

To listen to my guest appearance on the Brainwave Podcast, Click Here.

More Exciting News!

The Artistic Harmonies Association is forming its Board of Directors. Letters of invitation were sent in August. We have already heard from a few of the invitees. John and I will be holding Q&A sessions both this month and in October. We are very excited to be announcing the current Board of Directors in December!

The Artistic Harmonies Association is also looking to interview art collectors. We promise we won’t sell the collectors any artwork, and this is not an attempt to “steal” anyone’s collectors. We are interested in their current collections, how they found the artists, why they collect art–just to name a few topics. From this information, Artistic Harmonies will create courses and such. Any questions, contact me here.

You may have noticed that the gallery is missing. You can still see my latest artwork by signing up for my newsletter by signing up here and now! Click here to sign up for my newsletters!

That’s all for now! Be sure to sign up for my newsletters to see how this painting turns out!

This is just a two-inch by two-inch square, blown up for you–work in progress. To see the whole 24×20 inch painting, join the newsletter now!



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