Artistic Harmonies Association-Will You Share Our Dream?

by Linda R. Fisler

John Anderson, co-founder of AHA, and I talk every day about Artistic Harmonies Association. We share our hopes of what this organization will grow and about the work ahead. So it should be of no surprise that I ventured into how we can be different from current organizations on our last face-to-face Zoom discussion. To be more precise, something we didn’t want to do.

About a year ago, I was thinking of turning my Blind Series novels into scripts–something I have been doing for a while now. But, in today’s world of algorithms, it was only seconds before a social media platform started sending advertisements on getting your script in front of producers. One promotion was for a session with someone who could link me up with a producer looking for my script. It sounded like I was going to be in a one-on-one meeting with this person. It was free, so what harm could it do? As it turns out, it was a pressure-ladened sales pitch to get you to pay into their scheme to rob you of your dream and make them rich as they strung you along. You may think I’m harsh, but I have friends in the business. So it was easy for me to pass on the “we are only going to accept 7” of the thirty people on the call. This experience came to me not because we think this is a great way to find our tribe. No, because this was a great example of what we don’t want to do. We want to tell you upfront the “why” we are forming this association, and if you want to join us, we’d be honored to have you.

A Road In the Shire, Oil on Canvas, Linda Riesenberg Fisler

In my artistic journey, both in painting and writing, I have been fortunate to create friendships and working relationships with successful, popular artists and business associates. As a result, I’ve been published in art magazines and other publications, self-published my novels, and have an international following on my podcast, Art Chat, which has survived for ten years. In addition, my twenty-six years of project management and computer software training have been a big help in my art career by setting goals, measuring success, and providing funds for my art interests. However, like most of us, something seems to be missing.

In my discussion with John, I told him about the experience with the sale-pitched script scheme and how that could drag into years of money-paying frustration. How do we ensure that doesn’t happen at AHA?  How do we make sure that creatives find we are useful and essential? As I stumbled along, trying to convey my point to my ever-patient partner, I finally arrived at the answer.

Every creative needs to realize that opportunities don’t just appear. You have to work to create them. The only way we know to create those opportunities is to develop technical mastery in not only your art but in your business skills. We use the phrase “technical mastery” a lot here because it is exactly what needs to be the focus of your creative life. Our life is a journey, and most shortcuts are usually just detours. Each step is built on the discovery of new things and developing the skill to higher levels. So we aren’t just talking about new creative skills.  You need to study and develop business skills to make your dream—whatever that is—come true. The popular artist you love and study may help you along the way, but they will never work on your behalf. They worked hard on their craft and their business skills to get where they are. It is up to you to put in the effort and develop the skill.

That’s where Artistic Harmonies Association comes into this journey. We are developing the programs to provide you with the technical skills both in our journey’s creation and business sides. First, we want to hear your story. As John has mentioned, anything shared with us is confidential.

What’s frustrating you? What is limiting you? What do you like and what don’t you like about your journey?

Answering those questions (by Clicking Here) can help us pull together the technical mastery programs that help you accomplish what you want to achieve. We have a good start through our contacts with prospective board members, friends, and other artists who have started to share their journeys with us. But, we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

No sales pitch here. Until you know what you have been missing all this time, the path to your dream will hit a lot of detours. So let’s stop wasting time and build an interstate that we all can take together.

For more information, watch/listen to this Art Chat. Afterward, we hope you’ll see how different our organization is and the path we are embarking on is different. No competitions, no judgments—just technical mastery focused on you.

Why? Artistic Harmonies Association

Art Chat Video on You Tube

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