Butterflies and Dreams

Challenges are always welcomed by me. It’s an opportunity to grow. The butterflies in the stomach are real as my Co-Founder, John Anderson, and I carry on our soft launch of the Artistic Harmonies Association. So many questions, so much content to create, and the other question that I try the hardest to be positive about–will artists join us, seeing what we see and support us? Below is the first blog from the AHA Moments blog, in case you haven’t seen it. I can only hope you’ll join us on our journey and see the value in what we want to do for artists like you.

The New Kids In Town

Well, some of us aren’t so new. We have a great amount of experience as we worked our way through the art world. It started with the Artistic Harmonies Association (AHA) founders having a conversation about the world and business of art, which led us to what was missing and some other strange realizations. That typically resulted in questions like: “Why does it have to be this way?”

The answer to that is simple. It doesn’t have to be. Like all creatives, when something doesn’t work, or we don’t like, we develop new ways to express ourselves or journey along a different path. There is one thing of certain; whether you are a professional, amateur, or just starting, there is nothing like a person validating or appreciating your hard work (or play) and who can see the true worth of your labor. It’s an AHA moment–isn’t it? It makes us shine and smile–sometimes for weeks!

Welcome to Artistic Harmonies Association

The co-founders of Artistic Harmonies, Linda Fisler and John Anderson imagined forging a new path for creatives during many conversations. Before they knew it, they were like kindred spirits walking down the road of two distinct art journeys and questioning why the art world is what it is. Why are there over a million artists, but we only know the ones in our small world? It seems so fractured but it shouldn’t be. How many times do we discover a new artist only to realize that they have been painting for decades? There are times when the art world seems like it is stuck in the past, and we agonizingly march to the drum following the same journey that works for some but not others. Why?

Linda and John quickly started discussing the why and shifted their focus to the how. How can we appreciate the artist and their passion? How can we bring new light to the art world, focusing on each artist’s technical and creative mastery which they strive to achieve year after year? How can we help artists and their work be seen in a world that is quickly changing, acknowledging some parts of it will never be the same? Does what worked in the past for artists still work today, in terms of running a business, selling their work–which are only two areas of an artist’s focus. What is the artist’s success and how do they accomplish that?

We could go on and on about the questions we asked and the strange holes we have discovered so far. We decided it was time to address these issues. We invite you to join us on this journey too!

Artistic Harmonies Association is a non-profit corporation with a diverse, highly skilled Board of Directors that provides wisdom and new insights as we build bridges for artists to employ on their creative journey.

Our Mission Statement:

Artistic Harmonies Association brings to light the creative passions of artists who want to develop technical and creative mastery. 

Vision Statement:

We advise creative individuals throughout their artistic journey to achieve new levels of success through our innovative procedures.

Like the corporate world, our quest is to equip artists with skills that are technically based. No more subjective judging that results in no possible chance for an artist to work toward further advancement. We offer technically based information, procedures, and training for creatives to take back their power and move forward. Remember, with a strong technical base of skills; your creative voice is your creative voice!

By becoming a member of the Artistic Harmonies Association, you team up with the Founders, Board of Directors, and fellow creatives to help change the art world. Over the coming months, we will be posting helpful blogs and creating meaningful content for our members. Your membership includes access to training videos, business models that you can execute, contacts that can help you grow and empower you, and provide you with a network of support. You can take your journey as far as you want. The only thing stopping you is yourself standing in a hole that AHA has built a bridge over.

Climb, walk, or run to that bridge! Help us build the next bridge! It is up to us!

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