Change Is Coming!

And I’m very excited about it!

You will be hearing about a new arts association soon. If you have known me for any length of time, you know that Artistic Harmonies has always been a part of my work. It was a phrase I used since the beginning of my journey. The creative process was at the heart of my journey and it detours in many directions–visual art, writing, and music. The exploration of the creative process, its differences, and its similarities intrigued me. Many discussions with friends in all creative pursuits highlighted common skills and creative exploration, hence the term Artistic Harmonies. Whether we are bringing together visual artists or musicians, how we create is a fascinating experience.

However, in the almost thirty years of creating (I can even add in some of the years at P&G since creativity is also employed in the business world), one thing I have discovered is that it isn’t necessary to abide by a particular set of rules. As Carolyn Anderson and I explored in an Art Chat (The Myth and Realities of Creating a Painting), and as demonstrated by the Impressionists (and others), we learn so much by stretching our knowledge base. Bending a so-called rule, developing a new technique that works for us, or striking out in a totally new direction keeps us interested and enthusiastic. Sadly, the exploration and freedom we seek can be thwarted by institutions rewarding the known success of what currently works for them. As artists, we desire to challenge ourselves and find our own voice to express whatever it is we have to say. Nothing shuts down creativity quicker than judgment and rejection. Who will continue to dare change, when it is seldom rewarded? Who says rewarding it is acceptance by organizations who dare to delve into the definition of what is art and how it should look?

What should success for artists look like? For some artists that may be acceptance by certain institutions. We are guided to them based on current success models. But are those models appropriate for the future especially after last year? For other artists, it is being able to make a living off their art by developing a “platform” of collectors and followers. For writers, the two distinct groups are the same–New York Times Best Seller or building a platform of readers and supporters. It could be converting the books to film or audiobooks. All of this requires technical mastery in both creative skills and business skills.

Many months ago, I contacted, it turns out, a wizard in the business world who also has a foot in the art world. We are mutual friends with an artist. We chatted briefly and began to keep in touch through email, zoom, and phone. It has been a fascinating journey for both John Anderson and me. The conversations resulted in co-founding Artistic Harmonies Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring to light the creative passions of artists who want to develop technical and creative mastery.  Artistic Harmonies Association wants you to be successful and will help you find your path, voice, and success through both creative mastery and business mastery. Our vision is to free the artist inside you throughout your artistic journey to achieve new levels of success through our innovative procedures. No competitions. No subjective judgments. Just guidance to help you build the success you want.

Over the coming months, you will be hearing more about Artistic Harmonies Association. To learn more, head over to our website( and make sure you sign up for our emails. Take a moment to read our first blog there, “The New Kids in Town.” I hope you’ll be interested in what Artistic Harmonies has to offer. We really are excited as we create this special place for creatives.

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