New!!!-Art Chat Community!!

The Art Chat Community is a gathering of artists dedicated to their craft

-From painting, to dance, to film, to visual storytelling, to writing-

We gather to inspire, motivate, support, laugh, and share our experiences.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, especially creatives. Have you been making measurable progress in your work? How about minimal progress? Are you feeling creative at all? Do you feel like you’re on an island and want a group of like-minded individuals to problem-solve, brainstorm, inspire, motivate, offer support, and help get you through this winter and pandemic?

The Art Chat Community is the answer! 

I’m Linda Fisler, and I’ve been an artist, writer, instructor, coach, and podcaster of two podcasts (Art Chat and Cloaked) since the 1990s. I have worked with many artists (writers, dancers, painters, producers, visual artists, and podcasters, to name a few), helping them focus and inspire them, especially through this past year of uncertainty.  How? By focusing on being creative and what matters. It has been a difficult time, and artists crave inspiration through interactions and fellowship.

To help you make the most of 2021, I’ve created The Art Chat Community, recruiting a group of creatives seeking inspiration, motivation, maybe even accountability to keep focused on growth, progress, and momentum.

The Art Chat Community provides:

  1. Answerability. There are two options (see below) to keep members of the Art Chat Community motivated and accountable. Depending on your choice, you will discuss your projects with like-minded creatives either in a private group or one-on-one zoom calls. Stating what you want to accomplish makes it more tangible. This community helps to keep you motivated.
  2. Goals + Focus.  We’ll  talk about our goals and focus our energy on making progress in creative and fun ways. 
  3.  Community + Engagement. The Art Chat Community is your touchstone: your place to come back to, again and again, no matter what life, work, or the world throws your way.

There are two options for participation:

Option 1: The Art Chat Community on Facebook

  • Access to the private and closed Facebook group where you can post about your projects and request input from fellow artists.
  • Post your latest works, projects, or “trick” that made you more motivated or inspired.

Option 2: The Art Chat Community –plus–a 60 Minute Zoom call with Linda and like-minded creatives! Monthly coaching option limited to 5 participants per call.

The Art Chat Community officially begins in January 2021.  Linda will kick off the Art Chat Community with an Art Chat Podcast on December 18th with Cherie Dawn Haas.  Please tune in to hear how we’ll be working to keep you motivated and inspired in 2021.  Give yourself the gift of Creativity this Holiday Season.

If you would like to be a participant in the Art Chat Community Zoom Call, inquire for an Application by emailing Deadline to apply: January 4th, 2021.

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