Painting Demo–Live Session from Tree House Studio

Hi all,

I took a little time to paint before an appointment today. The painting I’m working on is of Mount Mitchell, the highest point in North Carolina.  Tom and I hiked to Mt. Craig–hiked–maybe I should say with scurried over rocks!  It was a fun outing. While on Mt. Craig I took it the beauty and snapped some photographs of the view. 

The day was cloudy and kind of gray, but that didn’t bother us.  During this video, I talk a bit about values and colors.  The values in this painting are very close, so I’m looking forward to the variations of colors that I’m imagining in my mind.

While I have a black and white photo I am painting from, I am actually trying to paint this from memory…putting my self there while I paint.  We all could use a break, I’m sure, and this little time today was just awesome!

I hope you enjoy the video.  A special thanks to Wayne Johnson for the introduction music. We used this back when Artist Mentor’s Online was alive.  The tune is “Painting Pictures!” 



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