Exclusive Pre-release Art Chat: Color 101 Part 1

Hi Tribe!

Ok, so I recorded an Art Chat this morning and here’s your pre-release access to it. It is all about color, at what I hope is a very basic understanding and beginning. As I got into discussing this, I realized that there is just so much to talk about. 

I visit, in the beginning, all the weight we are carrying with us right now in this crazy world. I don’t do this to bring us down, but for us to take a second to breathe. Color will always be with us to brighten our day or express our fear, possibly our depression, and you know what, if it takes painting or writing to express ourselves, then we have taken our power back.  These art chats are historical, so decades from now, hopefully, someone studying the arts will stumble upon them and find them useful and a rare glimpse into our minds in these times.

After that, we jump into the painting challenge (only a few more days for the July Challenge). I’ll be creating and posting the August challenge soon.  Then, I discuss color, a little bit about how we all see differently, the color wheel, and a few other topics.  

I hope you enjoy this chat.  Feel free to post any questions or comments below. This is your opportunity to do so (at any time really).  Thanks again for all your support.  Looking forward to hearing from you!



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