What’s It’s Like Podcasting? Find Out!

Good Morning Everyone! 

Hope your day is going well. We woke up to snow this morning, so naturally that called for Bacon!! for breakfast. It did cheer me up for a little bit. Next I think it is hot chocolate. Hopefully this is the last of the white stuff, so I need to sneak in all the winter treats today. (Although it will be really cold this week.)

It’s been a busy time. Looking over the past eight weeks, I’ve launched Teaching Tuesdays (one full 4 week course posted, two lessons (Brush to Palette Knives)posted, video on what to do when you are struggling on a painting posted), Free Write Wednesdays–eight weeks of scenes from book five, Tales Thursdays–3 weeks or so of the free write for the new fantasy and four or five podcasts–lost track on that.  I hope my patrons are finding this all helpful and fun. I also completed the first episode script of the series for the Blind Series books and wrote on the free writes and my academic paper–more on that one later.

Speaking of fun, a few weeks ago I was interview by Travis Albritton of Buzzsprout (my podcast hosting company) who started a podcast to help others run and produce their podcasts. It’s called Podcasting in Real Life (PRL).  I was honored to be chosen to join Travis on the show as he doesn’t just invite just anyone to be on it. He screens his guest and is very selective. Attached above is the interview–I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it. 

Coming up this month, I have a podcast scheduled with Mandy Theis before we head out to The Representational Art Conference where I’ll be presenting my paper on Monday–wait for it–April 1st. This is no April’s Fools Day joke–even though I still have to pinch myself to see if I’m awake. I just hope I’m not too nervous to enjoy the whole thing!  I also hope I see a lot of friendly faces when I look into the audience that day! (I see wine in my future after the presentation! LOL!)  Anyway, Mandy joins me on the 21st to talk about her passion—The DaVinci Institute.  Want to know more–make sure you tune in–or you can visit their website at https://davinciinstitute.com/ 

I am talking with three other guests at this time.  I’m hoping to convince Dick Atkins to join me for a talk about turning novels into scripts and the path to getting them made into movies/series.  I’m also talking with two thriller novelist–Kellye Garrett and Kit Frick.  So stay tuned for those to be scheduled. 

I think I mentioned that I found an older show–Myths and Realities of Creating a Painting, that somehow was deleted from both my Youtube channel and Buzzsprout feed. I’ve loaded that (audio only or video). I also discovered a second podcast with Quang Ho that mysteriously disappeared (or I never loaded them up). I’ll be loading that one up as well. It is about Simplicity–One of the Basics Often Forgotten.  

I’m putting the final touches on the paper: Imagination and Creativity–A Cognizant Balance this week and I hope to start writing on the series–second episode. After writing this academic paper, I can’t wait to get back to writing fun things like scripts and free writes. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview above. Feel free to share and if you have an encouraging word or two, I’d love to hear them.  So often we creatives feel like we are working and living in a void. It’s so nice to hear from you all! 

Over six years of podcasting–the time flew by and I still enjoy doing it!

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