What’s Coming Up and Thank you!

Did anyone get the license plate of the truck that hit me?  Well, not literally hit me–it is a virus I evidently have not been exposed to before now.  I am happy to say that it is reduced to a cough and in my vocal chords–which makes me sound like Brenda Vicarro (you young’uns can google her), which is kind of cool–except for when my voice cracks and squeaks!  

Needless to say, this little ole virus has knocked the energy out of me when it comes to recording, painting, writing, etc.  So, I have been planning instead.  With that thought, I’ll type about what I’ve have been planning here.

I have been writing new episodes for Art Chats. The series I will be talking about how to create knockout paintings. It has been fun looking over books and materials to create the outlines I’ll use in this series.  We’ll start with the foundation and go from there. In addition to live painting demos on YouTube, these Art Chats will be great to listen to while you paint, giving you something to think about while doing your thing.  I also hope to record some lessons just for my patrons here.  I miss my students and want to be able to give you some special attention. 

For my writing patrons, I hope to provide you with some Art Chats on writing.  I’m also considering starting a separate podcast where I will read Blind Persuasion, Blind Alliance, and Cloaked for your enjoyment and hopefully my accents will make you laugh.  They made me laugh.  Someday, I hope to get these three books produced by Skyboat Media.  Maybe after hearing me read, people will support me in that effort.  LOL!!   Work on book five continues. I have decided to add an additional plot line, so while I’m going through the first edit, I’m also still writing in this plot line.  It’s all good, just taking some time. 

Above is the latest newsletters with links to Art Chat, Blind Influence, and the demos. Thank you for your continued support and hope you’ll enjoy what is going to be created soon.



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