What I’ve been doing!

So, it has been a crazy time around here. Besides riding bicycles about 75 miles each week, I participated in our library system’s Read Local event. Cloaked is available and out on Amazon and my website for purchase. A few of you have already started reading. Thanks for all the great texts with your comments on the book. They have been fun to read.  Last night was a fundraiser for the Charity Ball Tom and I are co-chairing this year.  There have been meetings to schedule and planning to happen for that event too. 

In the midst of all that great stuff, I have been trying to get a bit more organized. So when I was able to squeeze in some time for writing/organizing, I created this comprehensive list of major and minor characters of the Blind Series. There is a bit of a spoiler as the characters for Cloaked are also listed.  It was interesting pulling this together and trying to remember all these names was becoming challenging. Now I just have to look at the list!  Imagine that!

Next up is adding the events from all four books into the timeline. My brain just can’t seem to remember these things anymore. Maybe I’m running out of memory space (RAM in computer terms) or disc space!  The timeline will serve me for reference and I can start to plan book five–which unfortunately I’ve not added to the free write in weeks now. I need to read what I’ve written and then set that goal to write 2000 words a day again.  Those who have read Cloaked are already asking when book five will be done!  ***I love that about you all!***

I’m also trying to determine a date for the Cloaked Book Launch party! I’ve been summoned for jury duty, so not knowing what my days are going to be like for two weeks is hampering that effort too!   I also have more audio recordings to edit on Blind Persuasion and have a number of things I want to record. I also want to have an “online” meeting with those who have read the book–a Q&A session where we can chat about your favorite parts and I can hear where you think the story is heading!

All that to come–and you heard it here first!

Enjoy browsing the list of characters.  See how many you can remember. 



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