Welcome Prince Harry and Snickers!

Can you guess which is which?  Ok–Tom, my hubby, doesn’t like Prince Harry and will only be calling him Harry.  I’ll probably bounce between Prince, Harry, Rusty and Sherbert.  Besides, it’s the tone of voice that gets them each time anyway, right?

They have been with us less than 24 hours and I’ll share some background on the boys. Someone, some low level scum–worthy of dying a torturous death in my novels sometime soon, dumped these two into a dumpster at a construction site. A friend of a friend filmed the jerk doing it and rescued them from the inside of the dumpster. They hid under the dumpster for two weeks, receiving food and water from my friend’s friend. A frantic call call the evening before the dumpster was to be taken away came to my friend, who is a beautiful soul who rescues exotic animals. My friend rushed to their rescue, taking them into her home and giving them a chance for adoption.  When she got them home, they drank and ate–both dehydrated and starving. They are growing kitties after all!   

We are getting use to kitty energy again–after having our previous cats for 17.5 and 18 years before they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We’ll definitely have to get used to claws–although I just trimmed their front claws while they slept. They are so easy to deal with and just so sweet!  I can’t understand how people can be so mean.  These two did not deserve the treatment they received.  They love laps and attention. They play hard and sleep sound. They purr at your touch and continue until they fall asleep.  The best news is they traveled well from our friend’s house to ours. Their crates are open so  they visit them whenever they want. 

Expect more photos and videos, as my little Nikon one click will be by my side so I can share Prince Harry and Snickers with you as well. Play time is hilarious! I can’t wait to share that time with you in the near future!  

Hopefully, you tag along for the ride on this new journey of cats with claws and kitty energy! 

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