Week 1: Paint with Oil–Beginners 1st Lesson


In this chapter you will learn:

  • Learning about essential materials and equipment
  • Learning about form and values
  • Learning to simplify the objects into 4 basic forms

At the bottom of this lesson is an upload version of the ebook:  Creating and Painting Form with Light (Value) and Color. 

Homework assignment: 

  • Find the objects in your home that can be your reference material to create the sphere (ball), cylinder (soda or coffee can), cone (sugar cone or funnel), and cube (small box).
  • Draw these objects (sphere, cylinder, cone, cube) in your sketch book. Refer to the book to find how to create these objects which 3 dimensional drawn on a 2 dimensional canvas board. Draw each object separately on separate page of your sketchbook. Remember your horizon line, shadow and light sides. Have only one source of light–direct light–shining on the object as you sketch it. When complete, take a photograph of each sketch and send it via email (cincyredhead@gmail.com) for Linda to review.
  • Using the disposable palette paper, squeeze out your paint (Yellow, Alz. Crimson, Red, Blue and White). Using 1 of your9 x 12 canvas board, place the primary colors (Yellow at 12:00,Red at 4:00 and Blue at 8:00) on the canvas board.Mix your secondary and tertiary colors around the wheel.
  • Using the 4 canvas boards, your vine charcoal or pencil, and the 4 objects from your house treasure hunt, and your previous sketches in your sketch book as reference, sketch one object onto one canvas board. Remember to have one source of light directly shining on each object to create light and shadow. Repeat the process so that you have one object on each of the canvas boards (as shown with the sphere example in the book). Study the book to understand value. Next, take your brushes and paints and begin to paint the objects. Don’t forget to include painting the table the object is sitting on and the background behind the object. Note which direction light is coming from and squint to see the values. When completed, Photograph each object and submit these sketches via email to Linda (cincyredhead@gmail.com).
  • Select a reference photo that you would like to paint for the remaining lessons. Photograph (or if it is originally a jpg image that you will print out) send this image to Linda at cincyredhead@gmail.com. Linda will comment on the shapes and provide helpful comments on the photograph that you are about to create!

This is the sphere basic shape done as a value study. You can choose to do this in black and white (gray scale) or you can paint your objects using color.

Remember that all colors have an inherent value.Choose one color to represent the object. If you choose blue for example to paint the sphere, there will be three different values of blue (light to dark values) that will need to be mixed to represent this object.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Linda.

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