Top Ten All Things Creative/Art Chat Episodes

While being interviewed on a podcast yet to be released, I was told my six and half years of podcasting was not normal meaning podcasts last only a few years and then disappear. There are a few of us veteran podcasters around, but in general, not that many.  I was so happy to hear that and then I reflected on past shows, started to dig around in the stats a bit. 

My podcast has received over 160,200 all time plays. In the last three months, over 3400 plays. The highest number of listeners was over 27,000.  Now all that is pretty cool and you all made that happen!  Thank you so much for tuning in regularly!  

Since some of you may be new to this podcast and for the sake of keeping things in front of my listeners, I’d thought I would list and link the top ten shows for you to re-listen to if you are a loyal fan or listen to for the first time.  Let’s think of it as a celebration of All Things Creative/Art Chat.

Here’s the list.  

Talking Drawing with Sherrie McGraw–just under 28,000 listens

Mastering Edges With Carolyn Anderson–with over 3912 listens                    

Breaking Creative Blocks with Peggi Kroll Roberts–with over 3,859 listens

Keeping It Fresh with Kevin Macpherson and CW Mundy–with over 3,499 listens

A Conversation with David Leffel–with over 3,268 listens

Quang Ho Talks The Evolution of Seeing–with over 3,163 listens

Let’s Talk Color with Linda Fisler and Carolyn  Anderson  –with over 3,033 listens

Jennifer McChristian Weekend With the Masters Interview–with over 2,855 listens

A Conversation with George Gallo–with over 2801 listens

Talking Alla Prima II with Molly Schmid-AMO Art Chat— with over 2,708 listens

Thank you again for listening to my podcast. I hope you will enjoy the top ten episodes again in the near future. I wanted to create a living history of artists and the arts, and I think that is happening. 


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