The “To Do” List

We all have them.  If you are like me, the to do list is your friend and your worse enemy!  It’s a constant reminder of how much you need to do or how far you need to go before you have accomplished your goal.  Today, I thought I’d share with you how far I have to go before Cloaked is launched. 

If you have been following along, you know I received the first batch of edits from my editor, Sonja. Cloaked is about 325 pages long–give or take a few pages. This first batch of edits took me through page 270–or all the way up to chapter nine.  

With Sonja’s edits, I go painstakingly slow through every page.  I’m doing this a bit differently then in the past.  I ordered a proof of the book and Sonja’s edits came electronically this time. So as I read through the paperback hardcover, with Sonja’s electronic copy open on the computer I found some errors and of course I incorporated Sonja’s edits.  Now, I will open my electronic copy of the book and transfer those changes into the copy that will eventually be loaded up to Createspace to publish the book.  After that, I’ll order another proof and read that to catch any additional errors or concerns. 

Sonja had an additional comment, that I’m still considering and if I decide to incorporate her suggestion, we are looking at some significant changes. Needless to say, this suggestion is encompassing most of my thoughts. I’ve asked a few people their opinion and so far, its been pretty split–some thinking I should do as suggested, others saying leave it as is.  

So, what’s the suggestion? In Cloaked, I use real historic figures to help frame the story. All of these figures are dead and the interactions (dialogue) with my fictional characters are all fictional scenes. As you know with the first trilogy of the Blind Series, I used actual events and intelligence operations in the story to drive the plot and the fictional story.  If you have read any of John Jakes’s Kent Family Chronicles series, then you’ll get a feel for what I was trying to do in Cloaked. The arguments for and against this “change” are very good which makes the decision even harder. 

On one hand, keeping the story totally based in fiction and removing the historical figures would allow me to change the outcome. Since the central theme is whether or not Nicole, Sean and Jenkins could change history so that we don’t end up where we are in this world right now, it would make sense not to include the real historical figures. This would allow me the ability to actually change history. It’s my world in this scenario and I can do whatever I want to do in that world. 

On the other hand, having the historic figures in the book I feel anchors it and makes the story seem more real. The only part of the real world that is changed is US history–meaning the presidents aren’t real, congress, and the US intelligence agency characters are fiction. So, am I changing history–the real history? You can argue that I am, but if I am using the same history in the scenario above and only changing the people, isn’t that the same as what I’m doing with the characters?

Whatever I do, it will still be driven by historic events and intelligence operations. 

So, the to do list looks like this:

1. Make the decision (the one described above) already and get on with it! 

2. Start editing the book’s electronic version with Sonja’s and Linda’s corrections.

3. Edit, proof, edit, and then the final proof.

4. Edit more author readings for my patrons.

5. Re-record the author readings of Cloaked–especially if I am changing the historical real characters to fictional characters. 

6. Get that exercise in!  (lost 11 pounds and my blood tests are looking better!)

7. Get back to writing book five’s free write. 

8. Create a list of all the characters with a little snapshot of who they are and what they do.

9. Update and add to the timeline for the Blind Series

10. Plan the launch party and promotions for Cloaked.

11. Revisit, change, and create the outlines for book five and six. 

12. Breathe!!! 

13. Fundraisers and work for the Charity Ball that Tom and I are chairpersons of this year.  The Charity Ball is on December 1st. Fundraisers on Sept. 20th and Oct. 8th. Lots of work between now and then. 

14. Teach oil painting and drawing classes at the MAC to pay for the editing and publishing of Cloaked. 

I think I’ll stop at number 14 for now. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and know it’s a long road to get a lot of this done. Now you know what I’ve been up to and why things have been so quiet.  I know you are anxious for Cloaked to launch. Hang in there while I make sure you receive the best book I can put out there. You won’t be disappointed.   Any comments on which way I should go with the historical real characters–post them below. I’d love to hear from you…

 Thank you all for your support.  Now you know what I’m up to! What’s going on in your corner of the world?

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