Teaching Tuesday–Progress on Boats and Roses

Hi everyone!

With TRAC starting in just a few days, I’ve been focusing on preparing for my paper presentation. So, there won’t be any Teaching Tuesdays next week. For those who are attending TRAC, I’m looking forward to seeing you! For those in California and haven’t attended before, day passes are available if you would like to attend my presentation on Monday, April 1st.  Here’s the link: TRAC (look for the red button upper right).

I didn’t want to let this Teaching Tuesday go by without providing my patrons with something to look at and hear. I created this little update on the boat painting that started with the video I called The Struggle. This update provides you with photos of the painting as I work on it and also the foundation of the next painting. It’s a short little video, but it tells you my thoughts on the work in progress and insight on my classes which I teach at the Middletown Arts Center.  I hope you’ll enjoy this short break and this little video.  Week 4 of From Brush to Palette Knives will be posted by the third Tuesday in April (sooner depending on my schedule when I get back. 

See you at TRAC! 

Thanks for your continued support, listening, and watching. You are awesome!



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