Teaching Tuesday – From Brush to Palette Knives Lesson 4 Finishing the Palette Knife Lesson


Lesson 4: Finishing the Palette Knife Painting


Homework assignment: 
Now we are ready to put the finishing touches on the painting as shown in the video. This is the stage where creativity flourishes but you must also not ruin the strength of the painting provided in the earlier steps.

Using all your palette painting knives and other tools, determine where you want texture to your painting and where you want simplicity or calmness. Remember to continue to pay close attention to value, edges, color temperature, light and shadow. Where is the reflected light? Use color temperature in the shadow area to express reflected light. Reflected light lives in the shadow area and can be a tad warmer than the cooler temperatures in the shadow. This area could be the “attention getter” that moves the eye into the shadow.

Finish off the painting using your knives and playing with color choices within each of the value areas being careful not to change value too much in each area. You will notice that two colors living in the same value area does not create a hard edge if applied correctly. Be fearless! Scrape color off and reapply without over mixing. Stretch to achieve broken color without altering the value of those colors. This is the time to bring the painting to life emotionally for the viewer with color and expression.

When you are satisfied with your painting, take a photo and email it to Linda at cincyredhead@gmail.com

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