Tales Thursday! Meet the Main Character

As I mentioned in the last introduction piece to Tales of Reginnis: The Discovery of the Oracle, Artan is the main character. This fantasy series started when I was in my second year of studying online and working with Kevin on the online mentoring company we started, Artist Mentors Online.  I decided to paint some of the characters.  

So, meet Artan.  A very basic painting–not a lot of detail, but trying to pull the face of a character from your imagination is a bit tough.  At some point I may try to paint him again along with scenes from the series.  I’ll share some other sketches and paintings as time goes on. 

Artan is human, although he does not live with the humans on the edge of the forest of Monsuret. When his parents were killed, the elves–specifically Ohn–adopted him. Artan never become accustomed to the stares of the other elves, who could not understand why Ohn took in Artan on the fateful night. Because of this, Artan spent many of his years in the forest alone. He best friend, Ohn-son, the oldest son of Ohn, is like a brother to him. The guidance that Ohn-son receives from his father is also given to Artan. 

There is a whole history before and is revealed in flashbacks in The Discovery of the Oracle. I don’t want to put too many spoilers in here before you get to read the scenes/free write. I will post more paintings and such that I created for this fantasy as we go. 

I hope you’ll join me on this journey–the lowest level of patronage gets you the opportunity to do just that.  I hope you come along!

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