Sunday Morning

Hello patrons!

As I sit here and sip my morning Earl Grey tea, waiting for my special egg casserole to finish cooking in the oven, I am thinking about what’s next. My thoughts are scrambled–much like eggs, and jumping around a bit. I wanted to share what I’ll be up to in the coming months. 

There is a lot of prep work I need to do as my thoughts turn towards book five of the Blind Series.  I started some of that work yesterday for a brief twenty minutes before hitting the bike trail.  First off, I want to document every character that appears in the first four books. Sometimes characters in a series can get away from you. I have some pretty awesome “people” in these books.  I don’t want to forget them. 

After that, I desperately need to spend some time with my timeline. I need to bring it up to date and beyond!  This helps to define the next two books and all that will happen! Historical events are used in these books. At some point the questions, “Where does the history change?” “Do it change?” “Can these three characters really make a change in what happens in the world?”  “Does America change its course and are the American people interested enough to become involved in a positive force/wave of change?”   All great questions and all up for debate in my mind. 

Cloaked has launched and planning for book launch parties are shaping up. I want to head back down to Cleveland, Tennessee to check in with my super fans there.  If you are interested in holding an small launch party/book signing/workshop–etc, get in touch and we’ll work out that timing.  I also want to hold some Go To Meeting session with those who want to talk about the first 3 books and Cloaked–a chance for you to ask me questions about the books! Also–need to get those deleted scenes ready to share to all my patrons!

Tom and I are Charity Ball chairpersons this year. Things associated with the kickoff of the holiday season will ramp up soon. That will certainly keep us busy. We also need to stay healthy, so riding the bike on the trail will continue as well. 

I’ve started the free write to book five, and that will continue–but I need to write an outline to keep me on track. It seems I am having less and less time to just write–so I don’t want to continue to write by the seat of my pants.  I need to be more constructive in my time writing. The timeline, character list, and outline will definitely help with that! 

I would love to have Blind Persuasion, Blind Alliance and Cloaked turned into audio books. I hope you have been enjoying my author readings of Blind Persuasion. Those, I don’t believe, are professional enough for an audio book–and well, I’d love to have Skyboat Media read them.  So that means, coming up with a huge amount of money ($4000 a book) before that happens.  One step at a time–hopefully the money will be earned. 

Thank you for your continued support–my lovelies! You are soooo appreciated! And don’t forget–if you are at the $5 level–a character with your last name will be in book five!

If you aren’t a patron and want to get your name in my book–become a Field Agent and we can make that happen!

Thanks again–now off to breakfast and then to get some work in on–well everything above! 



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