Starting a Still Life Painting-Part One

Good Morning all!

Today I’m sharing to all a video about starting a still life painting and a technique I use. I did this demo live for my Tuesday night painting class. We didn’t have the means or lighting really to do a video, so I’m sharing what I said using photos of my work throughout the process. I hope you find it useful. 

And of course, we have to include an update on Prince Harry and Snickers. They are doing well, feel more at home each day, and have a endless pool of energy that never seems to run out. We know this is the kitten stage and try to remind ourselves that this probably doesn’t last as long as we think it does. They are providing love and laughter–lots of both–and we are very happy to have them with us. 

I joke that Prince Harry reminds me of the kid in the short story by O. Henry “The Ransom of Red Chief.”  In that story, two kidnappers grab the son of a wealthy man in the hopes of extracting $2000 as the red/orange haired boy’s ransom.  The wealthy father knows all too well that his son will not sit still–as he is more than handful, rambunctious, demanding, and has endless energy. (Sound familiar?) In the end, the kidnappers pay the father to take the son back. The son, however, begs the kidnappers not to return him as he had more fun with the kidnappers and not being reprimanded all the time by the father!   

We got the kitties two new “toys.”  One is the travel kennel at the bottom and the other is a cat tree for the romp room in the finished basement, where they can climb, jump, and romp without us correcting them.  There is less to damage downstairs and they will have a fun time when we are binge watching our favorite series’ new seasons. 

Without further adieu, here are the obligatory kitty posts!   (And don’t forget the instructional video up top too!)

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