Special Offer–Free E-book!

Have we got an offer for you!  From Feb. 4th to Feb. 14th, I’m sharing the love! A FREE E-BOOK of your Choice!  (You gotta love the Snickers eye roll…LOL!!)

We have a lot of groovy things happening and I want you to become a part of it! My “From Brush to Palette Knives” online course kicks off on Feb. 12th. It’s a self paced course with lots of video and cool information to help you along your painting journey. I’ll be there every step of the way–inspiring you, encouraging you, and helping you–as much as you want! 

Not an artist? You are one of my readers! Love that too!  You’ll have access to the book five free write (Blind Series), access to my new fantasy series (Tales of Reginnis) free write, and I’m writing screenplays, and I’ll probably post those too. All this great reading material as I move them all toward books. 

Always free are my podcasts–All Things Creative/Art Chat–so there is that too!

Who knows what else I’ll dream up, but I’m sure there will be something!

Also, when we reach the $150 mark–which I’m hoping this special offer does–we’ll schedule meet ups via Go To Meeting where you can ask me questions and we can just chat. 

Sound great?  Then you’ll want to notice that the $5 tier is where this is all happening. Sign up today! I’m looking forward to meeting you and inspiring you!!

After you sign up, I’ll be in touch to ask which book you want to choose: Blind Influence (book 1 of the Blind Series), Blind Persuasion (book 2 of the Blind Series), Blind Alliance (book 3 of the Blind Series), Cloaked (book 4 of the Blind Series), or “From Brush to Palette Knives.  I’m looking forward to meeting/talking with you! 

Remember, this offer is only valid to Feb. 14th!

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