Sharing the First Scene of Book Five’s Free Write

As you know, I’ve started book five of the series, and had a random thought that you all might want to follow along. This post is public, but the next post and the following ones will be for patrons only. 

Also, I’m not promising that all these scenes end up in the final book that will be published. Some may be here as text, some may be read by me. It depends on my mood.  😀

So, for now, here’s the first scene I wrote in the book five free write. (In case you aren’t aware, a free write isn’t as polished as the final published book, so you are getting unedited scenes.) Enjoy!


Chapter One-Book Five Free Write

October 1981

Paris, France – Beaumont’s Apartment

Pierre Beaumont opened the door allowing Dmitry Leznikov to enter the small apartment. Leznikov walked to the small table in the kitchenette, as he had done several times since April, and placed an attaché on it. Leznikov turned his head when his eye caught the movement of Beaumont’s mistress. The light shining through the window revealed her naked body and her robe was not tied. She did not attempt to cover herself as she moved toward Leznikov. She crossed in front of him, her satin robe swished with her walk, caressing Leznikov’s hips and upper thighs. Beaumont did not usher the woman from their presence. When Leznikov turned his gaze to Beaumont, the French DST agent simply smiled. The woman continued to the stove. She tiptoed to reach a teacup that sat on a high shelf. Her first attempt to secure the cup failed. When she arched up on the second attempt, her body froze in a most provocative gesture. She turned her head to look at Leznikov with her mouth slightly open and her eyes dancing with suggestion. 

There was no mistaking what Beaumont was offering Leznikov. The KGB agent smiled, but his interest was with the woman whose bed he had just left. Leznikov met his mistress in Montreal, where their affair started. When the KGB recalled Leznikov to Moscow, she moved to Paris for him. Oddly, neither put expectations on each other and their relationship grew stronger with each visit. His mistress knew he could never leave his wife or Moscow, and she had no desire to live in the Soviet Union. Leznikov compared the two women. After some thought, he turned to Beaumont and said, “This one could give you trouble.”

Beaumont raised an eyebrow. “Why do you say such a thing?”

“She is too eager. She enjoys being kept,” Leznikov spat out. “She needs too much attention.”

Beaumont looked down in an attempt to hide the smile that was crossing his lips. Leznikov couldn’t be more accurate. The woman huffed at Leznikov’s words as she secured her robe around her body. She began to berate Beaumont in French, unaware that Leznikov could speak her language. When she called Leznikov a fat Soviet pig, he couldn’t help but laugh gleefully. Beaumont began to usher her out of the room and toward the bedroom. He shut the door as his mistress continued to scold him. Beaumont returned to the table. He sat down. He motioned to the chair across from him. Leznikov took a seat. “You have just cost me a very expensive dinner out tonight.” He eyed Leznikov. “I merely thought that you would like to enjoy her as I do.”

“There is such a thing as too many mistresses.”

“No,” Beaumont replied. “There is no such thing.”

Leznikov waved his hand. “I don’t like complications, and that one would complicate things for both of us. I have a woman here in Paris. I enjoy the arrangement we have. This—” he pointed to the bedroom. “—woman would put too much at risk. I have no interest in her.”

“She is very good,” Beaumont tempted. “You should try her first before you make up your mind.”

Leznikov examined Beaumont. Only one question entered his mind, and he decided to ask it. “Why is it so important to you that I fuck your mistress? I risk my life every time I leave my office with important documents like the ones here.” Leznikov tapped the attaché. “Is this not enough for you? Do you think in some weak moment during my fucking her that I will give you something more? There is no more. What I deliver to you is a big enough risk.”

“It was just an offer of pleasure. Why do you not trust me?”

Leznikov gave Beaumont his best sneer. “I could ask you the same question.” Leznikov let the words hang in the air for a moment. “We are both here, and I continue to give you helpful information, no?”

“I assume so,” Beaumont replied. “I have heard no complaints.”

“Then we keep this arrangement as is. I must tell you that there is some suspicion growing among the KGB. I have provided over six thousand documents. Perhaps we should take time out before the next meeting. We meet in two months here again.”

“Are you under scrutiny?”

“No,” Leznikov quickly replied. “I want to keep it that way.” He opened the attaché and waited for Beaumont to produce another case. When it was on the table, Leznikov removed the contents of his attaché and placed it on the table. Beaumont began to transfer the papers into his case. Leznikov closed the case when it was empty, stood and said, “I will go now. I have shopping to do for both my mistress and for Baranov. It seems our president wants to surprise his wife with a gift of jewelry.”

“That is nice of him, but should he know you are coming to Paris?”

“He signs my travel papers. He knows my woman is here. Upon my return, this little traveling case contains important gifts for those I need to keep close to me. No one complains when they receive expensive gifts from a Western city. Besides, Baranov is in the—how do you say it—dog house?” Beaumont nodded his head. “He thinks a nice necklace would get him back in her good graces.”

“Will it?”

“No,” Leznikov replied. “But that is not my problem.” Leznikov picked up the case and turned to open the door. “Next time I come here, eight weeks from today, your whore is in the bedroom and stays there, or I will inform Ambassador Adkins that the operation is over.” With that, Leznikov left the apartment to begin his shopping.

Just so you know what’s coming next, a scene with Nicole and Sean…in Moscow…at the embassy.  🙂

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