Senator Jenkins–The Man Everyone Loves to Hate?

When I developed the character of Senator Robert “Bobby” Jenkins, I knew what I wanted him to be. As I developed his traits, that he came from North Carolina, I modeled him after a few men–some of whom were indeed politicians–I grew to really like him. 

What surprised me was how much my readers didn’t like him and didn’t feel they could trust him–or that Nicole and Sean couldn’t trust him. I’ll never forget the first few book signings when my readers shared their impressions of the character–even with his faults–I came to love.  My love for Bobby shouldn’t really surprise me, since I know who I based the character on from the start. 

I guess now it has become my mission to get my fans to see past their perceived distrust of all politicians to hopefully find what I have found. Not all of us are perfect. Bobby isn’t perfect and will have many struggles ahead of him.  In fact, the flaws of Nicole, Sean, and Bobby is exactly what makes these characters real along our journey. 

So, this author reading gives you more background to love or hate Bobby. No matter what anyone tells me, Bobby’s intentions have always been good.  

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