Saying goodbye to our beloved Spock.

Dear Friends,

On Saturday we said goodbye to our beloved Spock. He was 18 and fluid had gathered in his belly, pushing against his lungs. He left us laying in what had become his favorite chair, looking out on the garden.  His brother Tigger left us in December.  So, we are empty nesters now and this is hitting pretty hard. We are happy that he is no longer suffering and with his brother in the energy beyond. 

I painted the painting above and this hangs above my desk. A much happier time and one of the few times that they actually laid close to one another. Don’t fool yourself. They weren’t laying together because they wanted to be close to one another. They were fighting over the sun rays on the bed during the winter months. This was a rare occasion and one reason why I captured it in a painting.  I can only say I celebrated them in painting when they were alive, because I would not be able to do this now. 

I have a ton of editing to do for more Blind Persuasion author readings and the beginning of Cloaked has been recorded as well. Right now the energy level is low. I wanted you all to know that there will be a brief break, but I’ll be back at posting here shortly–hopefully by the end of the week.  Finding inspiration and concentration is a bit difficult currently. Encouragement is greatly appreciated. As far as a book launch party for Cloaked–we are looking at the Fall. 

Thank you for your understanding as I take some time to recharge and refocus. If you have ever had a fur baby, then you know what this is like. 

Wishing you the best of days-bright summer and I’ll be back posting by the end of the week or so–probably with an author reading with the opening scene from Cloaked–book four of the Blind Series. 

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