Prince Harry Gets His Moment to Shine!

This play time is all about Harry.   (Cue music) We’re all wild about Harry…

You know it was going to happen–that song–now it is stuck in your head like it is stuck in our heads!  Anyway, these few minutes will introduce you to Harry as he plays. But have no fear–little Snickers appears briefly, They really are inseparable.  If you pick one up and walk out of the room with them, the other isn’t far behind. Harry tends to be trying to dominate Snickers, but she is holding her own.  She’s a spunky little lady. 

Wait—this was about Harry. Most times, Harry is laid back. Sometimes Harry is a bit mischievous.  In other words, he is like his namesake–caring for her lady Snickers, a joker, a tease, and lovable–and I forgot ornery!  He quickly stole our hearts. 

Enjoy some play time with Harry. 

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