Prince Harry and Snickers Time!

The video above is of Snickers, who says hello and after some coaxing chatters for us at some birds. In some ways, she is a bit camera shy (and maybe just being a cat), but she chatters more when I ask her if there are birdies outside. The higher pitch chirps tells me they are squirrels or that there are not birds–not birds is probably more accurate.  Get ready for the big close up at the beginning of the video. It’s is just Snickers saying hello with a sniff or two.  If I say “eeee”, she usually answers me. If I see a bird, I say “Birdies–eeee” and she runs to the window to have a look.  So cute!  

Below are a few pictures I took this weekend.  My not-to-camera-shy Prince Harry–looking adorable stretched out on the coffee table. Yes–he is that big now!

And then there is this adorable one…nap time with his little red puff ball

Of course, equal time for Snickers here…stretched out and enjoying a snooze.

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