Patrons Become Characters–Want to be a Character in My Books?

When writing, one of the hardest things for me is coming up with names for new characters. I like names that possibly provide some insight to the character. Then some have the initials of people I know or worked with in the past. My main character was named Nicole Rae because that was the name my Mom wanted to name me. My Dad said no–he didn’t like the fact that I could be called Nikki– a boys name. Little did he know that I’d be  a tomboy and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.  I always liked Nicole Rae (Raymond was my Dad’s name) and when Mom told me this story, I was disappointed with Linda Katherine for a really long time!   

As I begin to write Book Five’s free write, I have a need for some new characters. As I struggled to find last names for these four men, an idea came to mind. Why not use the last name of patrons for my characters? I couldn’t come up with a reason why not, so to honor my patrons who have supported me through the years, their last names will be used on three of the four characters.  Here what I think is the fun part. The four new characters are FBI and CIA agents.  The three patrons, Kim Minor, Jamie Murphy, and Deborah Rumford are patrons at the Field Agent ($5) level. Cool—Right?

So, Ken Minor is Kim’s character  and is a CIA Analyst. Jamie Murphy’s character is James Murphy, who is an FBI Analyst.  Deborah Rumford’s Character is Darrell Rumford, an FBI Intelligence Officer.  Congratulations for becoming a character in my book!  

Want to be a part of this?  There is a CIA Intelligence Officer who still needs a name. Become a patron at the $5 level and your last name will be used in the book.  Hurry—I’m not sure how many new characters will be in book five, but there is always book six to consider!  All you need to do is select the orange “Become a Patron” button and sign up at the $5 level (Field Agent).  I’ll be forever grateful for your support!



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