Painting Challenge #1

Hello Painting Tribe and Supporters,

Back when I co-founded Artist Mentors Online (AMO) with Kevin Macpherson, I used to create painting challenges for our tribe.  Well–I’m doing that again! Here’s your first painting challenge.  We will be exploring the world of value patterns. Why is having a value pattern important?  What is a value pattern? Is it important to not have too many values? How do I control color in my paintings?

This first challenge is open to everyone. I wanted to provide an example of what you can expect for the monthly painting challenges that will be available to my Tier 1 supports.  This challenge closes on May 31st.  Please share this challenge with your artist friends. 

Post your results from the challenge below in the comments area.  You should be able to download the two value patterns that are attached below. If not, send me a note at and I will send them to you. 

Have fun with this challenge.  I can’t wait to see your results and comments!



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