New Art Chat–All About Using Mediums

Hello fellow artists!

I chatted with Michael Harding and Timothy Rees about using mediums when painting.  I get asked this question a lot. To be honest, I find Michael’s paints just perfect to paint with as they are out of the tube.  We talk about that at the beginning of the talk. Quite frankly, if you don’t need to add another element to the paint, then don’t.  

But there are artist who do want to have the paints flow better or be a bit thicker to add texture, etc. Whatever the reason, the use of mediums has been around for a very long time. In this chat, Michael talks about each one of his mediums.

If you ever wanted to know why to use mediums, how to use them, or which one to use, then this is the art chat for you. 

On a separate note, I’ll be making some changes to my Patreon page. For those already a subscriber, you won’t see a change to your access. Stay tuned as I think through this process of bringing you what you want or need as we journey down this creative path. 



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