My Aura!

So isn’t that just awesome? All the yellow and orange?  

So what does it mean?

A friend and I explored the Victory of Light psychic fair on Sunday.  I decide to do this aura photography thing.  I was a bit concern with all the yellow and orange, until I got the printout that explains what the photograph/aura is by color. 

The color of the aura are associated with the specific abilities that you have. Don’t ask me how those were determined–it would take me a long time to explain it. So, the left side is future–the color on the left side is the vibration coming into my being.  The right side is traditionally the energy being expressed–the vibration being seen or felt by those around me. The center color (above my head)is what I experience for myself now. 

Ready for the big reveal?  Creative, artistic all the way around! Surprise! (not)

So–left side future–Orange is a mixture of active red and intellectual yellow, making a very creative future for you. Activity, wakefulness and creativity unfolding. 

Center (and look at all the yellow around my throat chakra!) Creative, artisitic would be best way to describe you (You think?)  I laughed when he said that.   I’m alive, artistic, perceptive creative!

Right–Creative endeavor, you are putting out and creating. Orange is a mixture of red–passion, force of will–and yellow–cheerfulness–The world should see you as up, happy, willing to work. 

How about that??  Pretty cool, I’d say!?

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