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One closing down and one to go!  We have closed on our old home in Middletown, and we leave this week to close on our home in Asheville.  It’s a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to friends we’ve enjoyed company with over the twenty-five years we’ve lived here. 

I’ve joined Patreon a year or so ago, and I look forward to creating content and lessons for painting, writing, and publishing content in the years to come. I’ll also be posting my audio readings of the Blind Series too. Hopefully you can find my attempt at accents amusing and not annoying.  On this subject, I actually had to block and report a patron who signed up at the three dollar level, stole my content, and left before paying.  So, I guess I’m going to have to rethink my patron levels.  It is so frustrating.  You all know that I give a lot away for free.  With the move, I’m losing my income at the MAC for teaching there, so normally this wouldn’t get to me.  I don’t know, the lengths at which some folks will go amazes me.  Karma is my friend, so hopefully me reporting her will hopefully stop her from stealing from others. 

But back to the good vibes stuff. We leave for Asheville on the sixth or seventh.  I leave with the cats and Tom follows after the moving truck is packed and ready to go. Then the unpacking fun begins.  It’s been rough–not being creative in the past two months and I thank you all for sticking with me.  The good news is, I have a studio at the home and so when unpacked I can start providing you with content as I paint the commissions that I have. I’ll set up my one click to record while I’m painting, do a little editing and who knows, maybe I’ll rope Tom into recording video lessons. I also want to pull together a writing course and publishing course.  I also want to write an art book for paperback, so Tom’s photography skills will be put to use there too. 

Above is a picture of my new studio.  You can see that it was someone else’s creative space before me.  My desk, easel, paints and all my creative “stuff” will be going up here. Can’t wait!

I hope you’ll hang around for the ride. Thanks for all your support in the past and hope chat with you soon.  Any questions, drop me a line!

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