It’s September–Already?

It’s hard to believe, but this year has flown by. The house is in good order, just in time for it to be in the throes of a kitchen remodel. But it is starting to feel like home.  We still have the rest of the paintings to hang, fireplace insert to pick up and have installed, my art bins, brushes and oil paint to unpack and a few other odds and ends to accomplish. #PrinceHarry and #SnickersLittleGirl are settling in–still a bit skittish and they are going through that period of who’s the boss with each other.  I’m sure this too will come to an end. Harry just doesn’t get that he is bigger than she is.  But I’m bigger than both of them, so when he sees me coming he dashes away. It accomplishes what it needs too–gets them separated.  I’m trying to get Harry to understand that when she hisses at him she is done.  It’s all a part of settling in to the new digs. 

I wanted to welcome Jack to the group and remind you all that anytime you want to access the lesson I posted, you can do so by searching the keywords. On the right of the page you will see an area called featured tags. Under that is a tag called “Secret Communique.”  Under that tag are the oil painting lessons, including the oil painting course for beginners.  More directly, if you go to this link, 

It will list all lessons on one screen.  If you are a patron, you can click the links and begin the lessons.  Remember to share your work with me so I can help you along the way. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Now it is back to work for all of us.



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