It’s Monday–We need some Cat Time!

It’s been quite an adventure with these two adorable kitties. They survived their neutering and spaying. The last ten or so days has been all about keeping Harry away from Snickers’ stitches. She rocked a legging for about 11 days. We are happy to report the legging is now gone and her stitched belly is looking awesome. Harry didn’t miss a beat with his surgery. He was ready to play that night–all night. Snickers slept with me, locked in the bedroom with me overnight. She didn’t seem to mind and purred most the night away. It is a good thing she is a cutie!  🙂  

The ritual seems to be upon getting up, eating breakfast and as soon as they see me, it is play time!  We play for thirty minutes or an hour before I’m worn out. But I know this time is limited–as they won’t be kitties for long. Then comes nap time, more play and eating. They are settled in now.  I’m heading over to get more food and some harnesses and leashes to see if we can train them on leashes. If we are successful with that, an adventure outside will be next. 

Here’s some more play time, set to Glen Miller’s “Beat Me Daddy–Eight to the Bar.”  Enjoy!

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