It’s Getting Real Now!

Hello from Packing Headquarters!

The last month has been spent purging and some packing for the big move to Asheville, NC. While doing these arduous and mindless tasks, my mind has been spinning away with something I could share with you. Some of my patrons have the audiobook for Blind Influence. Thank you so much!  My podcast audience may not have heard it. So I decided to keep my audience there happy and engaged to share the wonderful recording of Blind Influence by Skyboat Media.   Please share this with friends and family.  

My hope is that it generates enough interest that I can get Skyboat Media to produce (and I receive more patron so I can pay for it) Blind Persuasion. I do have recorded Blind Persuasion as an author read, so if all else fails, All Things Creative will be where I post those. 

In the meantime, as I complete this huge move, enjoy the podcast.  I have some folks (creatives) lined up for the fall to interview.  We’ll get back to the posting information, lessons for painting and publishing in the near future.  Thanks for hanging with me. 

Also wanted to welcome a new patron.  Thanks for joining us and hope that you are enjoying the content that is posted here!  You all are awesome.  Feel free to post comments and I promise to read them (encouragement to complete this move greatly appreciated as the thought of packing one more box is depressing!) and respond back!  

Stay cool–going to sweltering hot here in Ohio–and I’ll post the second installment at the end of July!



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