From Brush to Palette Knives-Lesson 2


Lesson 2: Transferring line drawing and Value decisions

Homework assignment: 
Using the information from the course material, remembering suggestions made from the previous week’s instructor comments, and studying your sketches, it is now time to transfer the line drawing to the canvas and using a bristle brush to create your value study.

Using a 16 x 20 inch canvas, first grid or divide your canvas the same way you did in your sketch book.If you used a grid, you would grid the canvas converting your one inch 8 x 10 inch grid to a two inch 16 x 20 grid. Use a ruler and a graphite pencil to draw the grid on the canvas. If using the rule of thirds method, create the tic-tac-toe pattern using a graphite pencil and ruler.

First, using your black and white paint, mix two additional values of gray. Black will be your darkest dark.White will be your lightest light.If one on the scale of ten is your darkest dark, mix a light gray color using black and white paint to match a value of 4 on the value scale. Using the black and white paint mix a gray color in the value of 7 on the value scale. These are your four values that will be used to create the value study on your 16 x 20 inch canvas. (Please note: You may decide to use more than 4 values. Try to use as few values as possible referring back to the study materials for this course.)

Using a graphite pencil, our reference photos, the Transferring Sketch to Canvas video, and your sketches, transfer the line drawing to the canvas as shown. As you create your line drawing, be aware of the placement of your focal point and visualize in your mind where you would like to have contrast areas, what kind of edges go where, what colors or color complement you may want to use. Make adjustments as you go. Step back from time to time to check your drawing. Turn the canvas upside down, on its side and study the drawing.Fix any areas that catch your eye.When the drawing is complete, take a photo of it to share with the instructor.

When you are satisfied with the drawing, study your reference material, your value studies you created in lesson one on the copies of your sketch.Using the value comp as shown in the video or if you like convert your digital photo reference to black and white, use your brush and begin to work in the values of the painting. You will need to make decisions on where the values need to be darkened or lightened to employ the use of only four values. Make note of these areas as they will become color changes instead of value changes. When you finish your value study painting, please email Linda a photo of your value study at

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