Free Write Wednesdays! What Has Jack Done Now?


London, England–A Small Airport

The aircraft landed at a small airport outside London. Maggie sedation lasted the entire trip with the help of another drug administered by a doctor. Waiting just off the taxiway and away from the small terminal was an ambulance. As soon as the doctor, the two MI6 agents and Maggie were aboard the vehicle, it sped off to a hospital. She was taken to the top floor, placed into a hospital bed and given an IV. A staff of doctors examined her. The rest of the floor, except for the doctors, nurses and Maggie, was empty. The elevators at the end of the hall binged when it arrived, and the doors opened. Jack, flanked by four MI6 security guards, exited the elevator. One of the doctors stepped forward to address Jack, who raised his hand to stop the doctor from speaking. Jack turned to and instructed the security guards to move to their positions. Two of the men moved outside of Maggie’s room. The other stood by the nursing desk, facing the elevator. 

“I’m assuming the proper precautions that were wired are in place?” Jack asked as he walked to the conference room at the end of the hallway with the doctor. 

“Yes, sir,” The doctor replied. “We have just completed our initial examination and are prepared to bring you up to date.”

“Excellent,” Jack responded as he walked into the conference room. When the three doctors and two nurses started to stand Jack waved and said, “Please, keep your seats. I’m not a king.”

There were a few uncomfortable chuckles before everyone sat down. The head doctor, Stanley Finch, motioned for Jack to take a seat as he walked to the chair next to it. “Director, Maggie is unconscious, so we can’t make any assessment to her mental state, but physically she seems to be quite well. There is some bruising, but that is well on its way to healing, and her blood work shows some deficiencies which can be taken care intravenously. She is dehydrated, but, physically, she seems in good health.”

Jack breathed a sigh of relief. “That is good to hear. When will you bring her around?”

Finch looked at the others in the room before answering. “We’d like to do that slowly, perhaps control that with drugs. Our concerns are that she may not react well to the extraction and given the reports from the Mossad about her behavior, we believe that she may not be mentally stable. It will be better to have more control over her mental state.”

Jack sat back. He didn’t like the suggestion he heard. “It could be that the Mossad report is inaccurate.” Jack wanted to believe that. “But I’m not a doctor. To the same point, I don’t want her so drugged up that she can’t answer questions or receive visitors.”

“Visitors?” Finch questioned. “I don’t believe she will be in any state to receive visitors for weeks.”

“Not even her mother?” Jack asked. “I was led to believe that having family around would help settle the patient.”

“We assumed, since she is an MI6 agent, that there would be no visitors,” Finch countered. 

“Her mother would be the only one. As director of SIS, I also would like to look in on her from time to time,” Jack informed the staff sitting at the table. “Her mother is aware of the situation and is anxious to see her daughter.”

Finch looked down and then back at Jack. “Did you inform the mother that her mental state may be in disrepair? Maggie may not recognize or what to even see her mother.”

“I find that hard to believe given what her mother told me. They were close, very close, and to that end, I think her mother would be a great help,” Jack insisted.

“I’m sorry, Director Kensington,” Finch started. “I can’t allow any access during the first week. After we’ve made a better assessment of her mental condition, we might be able to allow her mother to visit. It is for everyone best not to rush these things. We’ll bring her around slowly, and when the time is correct, we’ll start to introduce outside visitors. You brought the best physicians here to treat her. Allow us to do our work.”

“Yes,” Jack agreed, even though he wanted desperately to believe Maggie was not that sick. “May I just have a look at her?”

Finch conferred with the other doctors. “My colleague, Dr. Robertson, will escort you. We’ll keep you updated on her progress daily if you like.”

“Yes, please,” Jack said as he stood up. “I know it seems odd the amount of attention this agent is receiving. But let me assure you, I feel this way about all my agents.” Jack knew it was a lie. He knew what he did to get Maggie extracted was wrong. He also knew his actions were against the wishes of the British Intelligence Committee. His next meeting was with Lord Peter Adkins, an old friend he hoped would understand. Jack knew the consequences and only hoped he could talk his way out of the ensuing trouble. 

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