Free Write Wednesdays! Scene 4 Part 1: A Glimpse into Nicole’s Thoughts


Moscow, USSR – UK’s Embassy Residence

Nicole walked down the foyer to the bedroom. She stopped as the vision of Katrina and Sean making love in their bed entered her mind. She shook her head, grabbing her abdomen as the image made her sick. She forced the vision from her mind. She looked at the other bedrooms, doors all open, and she couldn’t bring herself to enter any of them. She turned and left the residence, aimlessly walking the corridors until she stopped in front of the highly secured mainframe computer room. She knew the room was empty, Elliot requested a vacation to visit his sister in London. This room would be the last place anyone would look for her. 

She swiped her credentials and entered her code. When the door buzzed, she quickly moved inside, shutting the door behind her. She switched on the light and walked to the desk where Elliot performed his magic. She turned on the desk lamp, then walked back to switch off the overhead lights. She returned to the desk and sat down. Her thoughts returned to the situation she found herself in now. The questions were constantly repeating in her head. Could she forgive Sean? Could she stay in Moscow? What would be her role within the embassy? Would she rather be in Washington as communications director? Was it time to separate from Sean so that she could sort out her feelings for him? How could he do this to her?

She wasn’t crying. She was getting angry. She gave up her life for him. She had no home in Washington to return to, and she had no job. She did have money and the means to take care of herself. The thought of leaving Moscow intrigued her and upset her at the same time. She had no doubt she loved Sean. 

Over the years, friends and associates would ask her why she never married. She always joked that she hadn’t found the right man. In truth, she watched several of her powerful female friends marry only to have their power slowly abandon them as demands of the marriage and husbands whittled it away. She never understood how her friends could let that happen. She enjoyed her career, and she wasn’t about to let anyone take away her independence. Could a feminist stay a feminist when she married? Nicole decided long ago that she didn’t want to find out. 

Now, she wondered if the freedom she desperately wanted to preserve was what may have led to Sean’s infidelity. They never spoke of marriage or commitment. It seemed to be an unspoken agreement between them. She felt committed to Sean, so the thought of being with someone else was not an option. She thought back to her visit to Washington and the temptations Jenkins dangled in front of her. She knew he still loved her, and Jenkins would take her back in a heartbeat. She admitted she loved him, but it was different than her love for Sean. 

She crossed her arms on the desk and rested her head on them. She turned her head away from the desk lamp light, closing her eyes as she continued to think about Washington and leaving just before she fell asleep. 

The second part of this scene will be posted next Wednesday…stay tuned!

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