Free Write Wednesdays! Jack Visits Maggie…


Dr. Robertson was the youngest of the doctors and as he explained to Jack, the one who would be most involved with helping Maggie back to emotional stability if indeed, it was needed. When they got to Maggie’s room, Dr. Robertson stepped aside to let Jack enter first. Jack walked to the side of Maggie’s bed, fully aware that he couldn’t let any emotion escape him. He wanted desperately to scoop her up in his arms and rock her like a baby. It became painfully aware to him that he had missed every first in his daughter’s life. He batted his eyelids and bit his lip to try and keep himself impartial, uncaring, and more importantly composed. Jack was not aware that Dr. Robertson was observing him. Jack wanted to pull up a chair, take his daughter’s hand in his, and apologize for not being there. He wanted to hug her and tell her she was now safe. He wanted to stand by her bedside with her mother, Gillian, and pretend they were a family. He wondered if he would ever get that chance. 

Jack looked at his daughter, lying peacefully in her bed, and thought it impossible that there was any mental instability. But Jack had read the reports, and he saw the pictures of Maggie’s battered body and matted hair. Those photos were taken the day after she was freed—albeit her cell was unlocked and it was up to her to free herself. MI6 and its director knew what Maggie was up to—all the robberies—and Jack personally paid restitution for all of them. It wasn’t that Maggie was performing the robberies with great skill; she was not. It was an intervention on Jack’s part of making sure that they could keep tabs on Maggie until he could extract her—as he promised Gillian he would do. He never told Gillian that he could lose his job or end up in prison misusing his office’s power as he did. His thoughts led him back to the upcoming meeting with Peter. He looked at his watch. He needed to leave immediately. He didn’t want to add tardiness to the list that Peter would undoubtedly read to him. He almost forgot he was not alone. He started to reach out to touch Maggie’s now red hair. While his elbow bent and his hand started to move toward her, Jack caught himself, but it was enough for Dr. Robertson to observe. The doctor was clearly making assumptions that Jack didn’t want to address. “Thank you, Doctor,” Jack said as he quickly turned and left the room for his meeting.

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