Episode Three of Blind Influence and an Update!

We’re getting closer! Most of the boxes are unpacked and waiting in the garage for the recycle pickup this coming week. But that doesn’t mean everything has found its final place in the house.  As I type this, I’m sitting in a mess of a studio with four bins to search through and unpacked, artwork to be hung around the house (so it is out of my studio), my painting table and easel to be placed, two commissions to work on, books to be unpacked and placed in their respective places and that doesn’t even start to list the additional things needed to be done to the house itself.  

All this does get me one step closer to spending some time on upcoming courses I want to create as well as getting back to recording interviews for All Things Creative.  During some quiet time up here in the new studio, I’ll begin to jot down ideas, set aside some time to re-immerse myself in Book Five (I see some teasers coming up for my patrons), and get some writing done.  I’m even thinking of a couple new art books too. 

As the unpacking winds down, the creative juices are beginning to trickle.  Thank you for your continued support during this move and always. Below are some photos of the studio in its totally wrecked stage.  The boxes are out, but that only means that everything inside them is now laying in piles on the floor. #PrinceHarry and #SnickersLittleGirl are having a field day hiding and playing around the piles. 

Enjoy Episode Three of Blind Influence. I need to edit Episode Four, but it will be loaded in the next couple of days for release next week sometime.  Have a great week!



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