Deleted Scene from Cloaked (#8) at the G7

So, this little deleted scene (ok–not so little) needs some explanation. If you’ve been following along, you know that Sean’s brother, Geoff, is prime minister of United Kingdom. You also remember that his wife has the hots for Sean.  Since Sean would never do anything to hurt his brother, he has no intention or desire to be alone with Elizabeth. Sean’s rejection causes Elizabeth to become an alcoholic and–let’s just say–she refuses to live in the real world. (Is there such a thing when I am writing fiction? <shoulder shrug>). This scene was cut from an already lengthy G7 scene. Here, Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Thibeau, is greeting his guest as they depart from the helicopters. This scene, aside from the fictional characters and dialog, is set at the actual meeting place of the G7 back in 1981. 

A little more on the link to history–at the real G7 meeting, Mitterand delivered intelligence information to Reagan.  That information was from the French DST who received it from a Soviet KGB agent placed high in Line X.  So, while Cloaked is fiction, it is inspired by real events.  

Enjoy the deleted scene!  

 As Geoff reached the waiting golf cart with his staff, Thibeau leaned into Geoff, and in a quiet voice, asked,  “If it would not be too much to ask, may we talk privately later today?”

Geoff, who was climbing into the cart, stopped and straightened up. He heard the tone in Thibeau’s voice and it concerned him. “Absolutely, Pierre. Is something wrong?”

“There is a personal matter, having to do with my wife. I know you have had a similar experience and I wanted to discuss that with you. I hope you will not find my inquiry too invasive.”

Geoff could only provide Thibeau with a smile. He did not realize that Thibeau was dealing with a wife with mental illness. Geoff kept his personal life very guarded and his staff worked diligently to squash any reference or article that mentioned Elizabeth’s condition. Bipolar depression was hard enough for Elizabeth to battle without the judgements and scrutiny of the public eye. Elizabeth, who also was battling alcoholism, was placed in hospital and then into therapy. Geoff often wondered if he had done the right thing. Elizabeth, while recovering, made it clear she would never forgive him for his actions. After her release, they chose to live separate lives. “Not at all,” Geoff managed to say. “Perhaps this evening after the formal gathering we could meet. Would that work for you?”

“Yes,” Thibeau replied. “Thank you very much.” 

“Of course,” Geoff said as he climbed into the cart. “Thank you for organizing this summit, Pierre.”

“My pleasure,” Thibeau said, as the cart pulled away. 

Jenkins was the third guest to arrive and spritely hopped out of the chopper, followed by Chris. Their prior experience in the war existing helicopters evident. Whittaker, older and not as confident, carefully exited the craft, turning back around to grab his briefcase. Two secret servicemen rounded out the US contingent to the summit. 

“Hello, Prime Minister,” Jenkins said as he offered his hand. “What a gorgeous chateau and grounds.”

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Thibeau greeted him, shaking his hand. “We look forward to talking with you. I think our countries could work even closer together to help our economies.”

Jenkins and Thibeau continued to walk to the golf carts as they talked. “I’m sure we can,” Jenkins confirmed. “I look forward to hearing all the proposals and know the discussions will be beneficial to us all.”

“If all of us have your optimism, then this summit should be a success,” Thibeau responded. 

Jenkins and his staff climbed into the carts. “We see you in the conference room shortly.” They waved as the cart began to pull away. 

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