Deleted Scene 5: Elliot Is Going to Pay a Visit to Moscow–But Why?


 I have to post a disclaimer here–these scenes are how they appear from my free write.  What that means to you is this: I may have changed direction in the course of creating the actual book. The change of course may have rendered the scenes unusable in the book or just simply not a fit any longer.  When you read these scenes, keep in mind it may or may not have anything to do with what is coming next. If someone appears to be a “bad guy”, he may actually be a “good guy” in that actual book because of a twist or turn I made in the published material.  

So, bottom line, read these for enjoyment, but don’t try to figure out where I’m going with or without these deleted scenes.  Does it add a bit more mystery? Absolutely–because I don’t plan on telling you if I changed my mind or not on a specific character or an action being taken. 

With that said, here’s is the part of the scene I deleted from Cloaked.  This takes place after Sean and Nicole meet with Stewart.  Remember to just enjoy these scenes!!

The speaker on Sean’s desk buzzed. “Sir, someone by the name of Elliot wants to talk to you. He refuses to give me his last name. Do you know him?”

Sean smiled. He knew only one Elliot, and it had to be him. Elliot Richards was his immediate contact at MI6 during his days when tracking the Serpent. Since that time, Elliot became the expert in the computer and technology sector of the agency. An image of Elliot behind his desk with thick-rimmed glasses and uncombed thick brown hair came to mind. “Yes, I do.” Sean depressed the blinking light on his phone, put the receiver to his ear and said, “Elliot, to what do I owe the pleasure of speaking with you?”

“Hello Sean,” Elliot started. “I’ve been instructed by our mutual friend to make a trip to Moscow.” 

“That’s excellent. When can we expect you?”

“In a few days,” Elliot replied. “I don’t want to go into detail here, but I will once I arrive.”

“I’ll have Colin Stewart pick you up at the airport. Elliot, do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Of course,” Elliot said thinking he was going to ask for his favorite tea or food that was missing in Moscow. 

“I’m in need of some up to date information from the past. I’m talking about personnel and the other matter we have worked on previously. My father will be able to get you additional information if you require it.”

Elliot knew from his previous work with Sean he was referring to the Serpent and the personnel at the embassy. Through Sean’s statement, Elliot managed to discern that Sean wasn’t receiving information on Kent’s movements. Elliot determined Sean’s concern that Kent had an informant or two at the embassy. “I won’t have to go to him. If there is anything, it will be here already,” Elliot responded. “I arrive on Friday, and I’ll have a rather large shipment arriving there in the next day or two. Your security force was informed, and they are making arrangements now. Please be sure to find somewhere secure to place until I get there.”

Sean was surprised. He was not aware of any shipments but ascertained that Elliot was referring to computers since that was Elliot’s specialty. He didn’t show his surprise and responded with, “I’ll talk with my security team and their plans regarding the security of shipment. We are looking forward to seeing you, Elliot.”

“Goodbye,” Elliot said, hanging up the phone. As always, their phone conversations were short and to the point. 

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