Crazy week and change of direction

Hello dear Patrons,

It has been a crazy busy week, that started out with a great conversation with a friend. I can’t share all details, but it has resulted in a little change of direction. I need to go back and spruce up, catch all typos, etc in my books by the beginning of August.  

After a bike ride today, I’ll be editing two more segments of the Blind Persuasion author readings to post. 

In the meantime, positive thoughts sent my way for the thing I’m not comfortable sharing at this time would be great. It would be a great thing if it comes through. 

I’ve work a little bit on book four audio recordings (author readings) and also a little on book five. If you would like to listen to Cloaked before getting the book, let me know a yes or no in the comments area. 

That’s all for now.  

Love ya,


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