Cloaked–Book Four Cover Reveal!

Well, here it is! The cover for book four of the Blind Series!

I’ve named the book Cloaked because of its many references in the book. We know that Sean is “cloaked”–being an MI6 agent and all agents/spies true identities are cloaked.  We know from the ending of Blind Alliance, that Nicole and Sean are sent to Moscow to head up the embassy there. So, they are cloaked behind the iron curtain–or are they? 

There are a few more cloaked messages within the book and certainly in book five and possibly six. I hope you aren’t tiring of this series–are you? I’m having a grand time writing it and since this cover fell together rather quickly, I’m going to be starting book five’s free write while I wait for book four to return from my editor.  It looks like it won’t be back in my hands until around July. 

Enjoy speculating until its in your hands!

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