Challenging Ourselves–All Things Creative with Guest Carolyn Anderson

It is always a great time whenever I get to chat with Carolyn Anderson. Carolyn is a master artist who started her art journey in pastel before switching to oil painting. In this episode of All Things Creative, Carolyn and I talk about challenging ourselves. This is a broad topic–seriously!  We covered color, color relationships, why “gray” color in the paintings are so important, finding our voice, is voice different than style, composition–we just about covered all areas of painting that will expand your thinking and hopefully inspire you to breakout of your current painting process and reach for the stars. Warning–breakthroughs may be in your future. (We talk about fear too!)

Above is the video option for this talk, featuring Carolyn’s artwork. If you prefer to listen to just the audio, you can do so by selecting this link:  Challenging Ourselves Audio Only 

In case you want more, Carolyn has appeared on  Art Chat/All Things considered three other times.  I’m going to link up the audio versions only here. They are available on my Youtube channel as well.

Let’s Talk Color with Linda Riesenberg Fisler Guest: Carolyn Anderson  

Mastering Edges with Carolyn Anderson (older AMO Art Chat) 

Myth and Realities of Creating a Painting with Linda Fisler Guest: Carolyn Anderson 

I hope you enjoy these chats and feel free to share them with your friends!  As always, the podcast is open to the public and if shared, the only thing I ask is that you share them from this patreon page. Thanks!



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