Book Blurb Time!

So, here you go–the back cover blurb for Cloaked!!

” Moscow, USSR, December 1980- Ambassador Sean Adkins, an undercover MI6 agent and his partner, Nicole Charbonneau, are hopeful Sean’s posting at the United Kingdom’s embassy will provide safety from the Serpent, an assassin who wants them both dead. While attending Soviet President Leonid Baranov’s New Year’s Eve party, Nicole’s old nemesis, Ambassador Larry Barker confronts her, displaying the hate he harbors for her. Also attending the party is KGB agent Colonel Dmitry Leznikov, who recognizes Sean. The history between Sean and Leznikov, who is a close friend of the Soviet president, gives Sean concern about keeping his cover intact and operating out of the embassy.

A trolling mission over the Barents Sea results in the crash of a US Air Force jet in the Soviet Union stranding its two pilots and exposing the top secret mission.  President Robert Jenkins realizes he has a compromised embassy in the Soviet Union, and Ambassador Barker would rather commit treason than help him. Jenkins is forced to call upon his old friends and allies, Sean and Nicole to rescue the pilots.

Leznikov, who is in charge of a highly classified project within the Kremlin, discovers the true objective of his work. Leznikov opposes what his country is planning to accomplish and approaches Sean with a proposition that involves keeping Sean’s true identity hidden, providing safe passage home for the US pilots, and could supply Jenkins with a way to end the Cold War without firing a shot.

Cloaked, book four of the Blind Series is a suspenseful journey with intricately woven plots which keeps the reader turning page after page ” 

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