Blind Persuasion-Chapter 3

Hello Dear Patrons!

An additional things I am thinking of doing it writing a screenplay for a Blind Series show. It would start differently than the books do–who knows maybe there is a Screenplay Saturday in the works sometime in the near future.  So much to do–so little time.  

Today, I am posting Chapter Three of Blind Persuasion. Trey–this one is for you. I’m assuming you’ve listened to Chapter One and Chapter Two.  I’ll be the  first to say, I’m not the world’s best reader/narrator. Hopefully these get better as I go along.  Just for fun–try doing a British accent back-to-back with a Southern accent.  For me, it wasn’t easy and it makes me appreciate Gabrielle and Stefan all the more! 

Enjoy this Saturday’s offering–Chapter 3 of Blind Persuasion!

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