Blind Influence-Episode Two and an Update!

Hello world!

I’m about to fly south for good on Tuesday. We have more packing to do day, errands to run, and all the last minute things you think you’ve done but find out you haven’t.  I’ve had mixed emotions over the last two days. It started when I found out the news about the Dayton mass shooting. That city is about 20 miles from where I live. A little too close to home. While I didn’t know anyone who had been shot, it didn’t lessen the impact of it or the sadness.  Then, the anger stepped up as did the rhetoric. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know exactly how I feel about this.  More on that later. 

So, I leave in the morning with my two cats. Tom will be at the old house to supervise the moving of our belongings.  He’ll join us soon after that in our new home in Asheville. I think I’ll finally be able to relax when he arrives safe and sound. 

Not having a creative outlet in the last two-three months has been depressing! I can’t wait to get back to book five. I can’t wait to start recording All Things Creative again. I can’t wait to paint my two commissions. I can’t wait to pull some courses together for writing and painting. 

I hope you can’t wait either!  In the meantime, enjoy Episode 2 of Blind Influence created by Skyboat Media and read by Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir.  They did a marvelous job.   Episode 3 will drop on August 15th. 

Bye for now…I’ll drop a line from Asheville with a few pictures when the internet is turned on at the new place. 

Cheers for now!

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